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Hey love, shay levister here

I Just Want To Congratulate You On Finding This Page

My life's mission is to empower you to experience the deepest love imaginable.

Every morning, I wake up with the intention of helping you discover love within yourself, and within the dating world.

Having worked with over 180,000 accomplished women globally (even those who felt hopeless and at their wit's end), I understand the journey to finding love. I see you. I've been there. I can help.

As one of the top 5 ranked love coaches worldwide, a Certified Love Transformer®, published author, and happily married mother of three, I am ready to guide you towards a fulfilling life and love story.

Along The Way, I Have Identified 
The 4 Biggest Challenges Our Clients Face When 
They Feel Stuck in Their Love Lives:

lack of self-connection

Many women find themselves so focused on finding the right partner that they overlook the importance of connecting with themselves first. 

When you don’t fully understand your own needs, values, and desires, it’s easy to get caught up with the wrong men. Instead of seeking validation and happiness through a relationship, it’s crucial to cultivate self-love and awareness. 

By working on yourself and understanding what truly makes you happy, you become more attractive to the right partner. 

This inner work paves the way for healthier, more fulfilling relationships where you feel genuinely seen and valued.

lack of focus

Maybe you’ve tried online dating, maybe you’ve sought out matchmaking services, maybe you’ve even tried to coach yourself.

You’re spreading yourself too thin, trying so hard to do everything that you’re not focusing on what truly matters to you

If you want to attract a high-quality partner, you have to hone in on your specific goals and values. Every successful love story begins with a clear understanding of what you want and need in a relationship. 

Once you have that clarity, it becomes much easier to attract the right person and build a lasting connection.

lOve blocks®

Many of us carry emotional baggage from past experiences that prevent us from finding true love. 

These Love Blocks® can include negative beliefs about relationships, unhealed traumas, or lingering fears that sabotage our dating efforts. Recognizing and addressing these blocks is crucial to moving forward. 

Our unique approach integrates techniques like NLP, RTT, and EMDR to help you heal from past wounds and clear the obstacles standing between you and a fulfilling relationship. 

Identifying and overcoming these Love Blocks® can transform your love life, allowing you to attract and maintain a healthy, loving partnership.

poor modeling

The dating and relationship industry can be overwhelming. It’s difficult to know who to trust for genuine, effective advice

Who’s the real deal? Who’s just another "one-trick guru"? The 4-Year Test

If the coach you’re considering hasn’t consistently helped clients achieve success in love for at least 4 years, run. 

At Boss Diva University, we have a 98% success rate and years of experience guiding successful women towards greater happiness in life and love with your romantic best friend, ensuring you receive the best support and guidance on your journey to love.

Here's The Truth

There’s A Science To Finding True Love
But It’s NOT Rocket Science

Too many people approach their love lives with a scattergun approach, trying to tackle everything all at once, especially those who are eager to find their perfect match quickly.

And often, they’re focusing on aspects they haven’t fully prepared for yet.

Here’s what I mean by that…

When someone comes to us wanting to find a life partner, overcome past traumas, build self-confidence, and improve their overall well-being, we don’t address all these goals simultaneously. Instead, we approach each goal methodically, using specific tools and strategies for each one.

If you want to build a lasting relationship, you first need to earn that by understanding and loving yourself.

Ultimately, what you really want is to be in a fulfilling relationship, to look and feel your best emotionally and mentally.

So, we start with the most crucial step: helping you heal and connect with yourself. This foundational work is essential before moving on to attracting and maintaining a healthy relationship. This is exactly what we do with our clients, focusing on one step at a time to ensure lasting transformation.

And guess what? This systematic approach is what makes our Love Mapping sessions so effective.

Finding True Love Is Like Mastering the Art of Cooking...

Many successful, affluent women struggling to find true love often try too many different recipes at once, experimenting with various dating apps, workshops, and matchmaking services prematurely.

You don’t need all the complicated and fancy stuff.

What you need is a proven recipe that works:

 You Need to Heal Yourself and Clear Your Love Blocks®

 You Need to Understand Your True Desires and Standards

 You Need to Attract High Quality Men and Dates

 You Need to Build Genuine 

If you follow this recipe—and, more importantly, have a system to ensure you’re 
effective at all of them—I promise you, you’ll create the fulfilling relationship you’ve been longing for.

I Know This Because...

I've Helped Over 180,000 
Accomplished Women (Globally) 
Do Exactly That

Just take a listen to these testimonials from women we’ve helped find true love without 
dating apps, endless swiping, or ineffective love advice...

"Working with Shay has seriously changed everything in my life from the way I see myself, which for me, it's the most important part of this work. She [Shay] literally let me connect with my inner self, the real self, the person that I always knew that I was inside of me. And I am so grateful that I got to see the queen that I am."

- Ariadna G, Ms Columbia/Model/Actress
"I’ve had some traumatic experiences with men but now, for the first time in my life, I’m in the healthiest relationship I’ve ever been in and the healthiest mental state I’ve ever been in. Thank you Shay"

- Dajah Rene M, Business Owner
"I took the leap of faith and it was the best decision I've ever made...Thank you for leaning into your calling and helping me heal and helping all of the women heal because you've changed my entire life for the better."

- Skye L, I.T. Specialist for a Sports Betting Company
"I knew that something had to change and the more I listen, the more she spoke, the more I realized that she knew what she was talking about and she had, she really did have the formula to make a difference."

- Tiffany P, Owner of an Accounting Agency
"Thank you to Shay for making me realize that I am lovable. I am worthy. There's no price tag on healing your trauma and money comes and goes."

- Sheema A, VP of a Lumber Company
"I have never made this type of investment in myself before... I would do it all over again!"

- Sheri R, Boutique Business Owner

So, Why Are You Still Struggling?

I’m willing to bet that your story mirrors those of many of our successful clients.

Initially, they all faced challenges in their love lives, trying every dating app and self-help course available, yet still feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Some were endlessly going on dates with the wrong men, others were consumed by their careers and had no time to focus on finding love, and despite putting in so much effort, they were still single and frustrated.
Frustrated with the lack of results, they reached out to us because they saw us achieving the very thing they desired:

Finding and Maintaining Fulfilling Relationships
...With EASE

Once they decided to learn from us and started implementing our proven systems, a whole new world opened up for them. They began to experience the love and happiness they had always dreamed of.

After We Introduced Them to Our Love Mapping System,
These Women Transformed Their Love Lives and Found Deep, Fulfilling Relationships with Partners Who Truly Value Them!

Take a Look at the Success Stories from Our Clients:

Shay's [Certified Love Specialist] training is top notch because my coach exceeded my expectations, was compassionate, insightful, and truly committed to helping identify and heal my love blocks. Thanks to her guidance, I'm now in a loving, supportive relationship and I'm finally living the life of my dreams."
- Latasha S.
Registered Nurse
"I was skeptical about love coaching at first, but after working with [my Certified Love Specialist], I can honestly say that it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. She helped me see things about myself and my past relationships that I never would have realized on my own.
- Michelle D.
VP Of Sales
"Working with my Certified Love Specialist was truly life-changing. She helped me uncover and release the love blocks that were holding me back in my relationships and my career. Thanks to her coaching, I've been able to attract more love, abundance, and joy into my life than I ever thought possible. I can't recommend her enough!"

- Emily M.
Business Owner
"Before I started working with the love specialist team, I felt stuck and frustrated in my love life. But after just a few weeks of coaching, I started to see things in a whole new way. My coach helped me identify my love blocks and gave me the tools I needed to overcome them. Now I'm in a happy, healthy relationship and I'm more confident and fulfilled than ever before. Thank you, Esther!" 
- Sophia K

So Why Are My Clients So Much More Successful?

How do they go from feeling stuck in their 
love lives to finding deep, fulfilling relationships 
with partners who truly value them?

With The Right Coach...

Experts vs. Gurus
That’s Because at Boss Diva University, We Only Bring on Coaches Who Are True Experts, Not Gurus

Many people use these terms interchangeably, but they are fundamentally different.
An expert has produced results consistently.

A guru has only produced results once.
 Who would you prefer to work with?

An expert knows the ins and outs of their specialty.

They don’t rely on fad methods or cookie cutter methods...

Like anyone who's ever mastered a skill, they have a strong understanding of the fundamentals

They know what it takes to get from point A to point B in every possible way, and above all else, they know how to execute results.

Over and over again.

Gurus, on the other hand, are one-trick ponies popping up everywhere. 

They’re the “TikTok dating coach” you see who strictly uses one method, like scripted pick-up lines or specific dating apps, and claims it’s the ultimate way to find love.

Programs run by gurus have cookie-cutter systems in place: if you alter or veer off even a little, it stops working

This means if you don’t fit exactly into their one-size-fits-all framework, you’re left frustrated and without the love you've been craving.

Just as style expert knows that there are many ways to style an outfit, and they are equipped to help you put together the look that best suits your unique personality and lifestyle... our expert coaches have the skills and tools to heal your specific Love Blocks® and put you on your love path.

The Fact Is, There Is No Single "Right" Path To Love, Just 
The Path That's Right For You

Yes, We Care About Helping You To Find The Right 
Men To Date... 

But What We’re Really Aiming For Is Self-Healing 
So You Can Attract Your Life Mate

There’s a massive difference between someone who finds a great match 
once and someone who is truly comfortable with themselves and 
attracts healthy, fulfilling relationships.
Plain and simple, a "flash in the pan" connection isn’t sustainable.
And it definitely can’t provide lasting happiness. Real love requires a foundation built on self-awareness and emotional health. By healing your love blocks, you create a space within yourself that allows for genuine, lasting connections with potential partners.

That’s What Makes It A Long Term Path To Finding Your Romantic Partner, 

Not Just A Temporary Fix To Stop Feeling Lonely...

Finding that deep, fulfilling connection with your romantic best friend starts with you.

And that’s what we specialize in because we have a team of experts who understand the various aspects of self-healing and emotional growth, and we don’t force a one-size-fits-all approach onto you.

Our coaches take the time to identify the healing methods and strategies that are most REWARDING and work BEST for you. By focusing on clearing your love blocks and building self-awareness, we help you create the foundation for genuine, lasting love.

I have taken the science of attraction and self-healing to create the premier love coaching program in the world... so it's with great pleasure that... 

Shay Levister Presents... 

Boss Diva University

The most comprehensive and effective path to finding 
lasting love - designed for successful women ready to transform their love lives.

The Boss Diva University is not only the most 
supportive community for finding true love, but it 
also offers unparalleled value.

From personalized guidance to our innovative, proven strategies for overcoming Love Blocks® 
and building self-awareness, you’ll be supported every step of the way, from your first 
breakthrough to lasting love and beyond!

I’m so excited to show you what’s in store, so here’s what to expect when you 
join the Boss Diva University:

[Value $225,00)

Comprehensive Coaching for Lasting Love

  • Holistic Development: 9 coaching modalities including Love Blocks®/Trauma Healing, Mindset Coaching, and Feminine Energy Coaching.
  • Expert Guidance: Personalized coaching to help you attract and maintain a healthy, fulfilling relationship.
  • Long-Term Success: Focused on building a foundation for a loving and lasting marriage.

    [Value $133,000)

    Guided support system

    • A tailored plan guiding you to true love, designed specifically for your unique journey.
    • ​Support in healing, transforming, dating, behavior modification, relationship strategies, and more.
    • ​Personal Coach and Accountability Manager to provide ongoing personalized support to ensure your success.
    • ​Direct Love Coaching in Exclusive Love Mastermind: Expert guidance in an exclusive community focused on your love life

      [Value $75,000)

      Vault™ Access

      • Exclusive resources and tools to enhance your love journey
      • Guided meditations to support your emotional and spiritual growth
      • Dating training, consultation, and guidance

        [Value PRICELESS]

        Diva University community

        • Access to Boss Diva Private Facebook and Telegram groups: Join a supportive group of high-achieving women who are on the same journey.
        • ​Critiques, Feedback, and Guidance: Support in healing, transforming, dating, behavior modification, relationship strategies, and more.
        • Accountability Partner: Get support and accountability with a fellow BDU member. You'll have the opportunity to not only help each other stay focused on your goals, but also to create a valued relationship.

          Join Boss Diva University and take the most comprehensive and supportive path to finding 
          true loveYour journey to a fulfilling 
          relationship starts here.

          I’m Sure You’re Thinking At This Point...

          What’s the Investment for The 
          Boss Diva University?

          Well, here’s a better question for you: What is it worth to find lasting love and transform your life?
          If you asked Alexandra Murray., she would tell you it’s worth finding a loving, supportive relationship and living the life of her dreams.
          If you asked Cheryll Ann, she would tell you it’s worth discovering a newfound confidence, and embracing new connections .
          If you asked Guilse Velasquez, she would tell you it’s worth overcoming trauma and entering the healthiest relationship of her life.
          If you asked Anna Sofia, she would tell you it’s worth attracting more love, abundance, and joy into her life than she ever thought possible.

          Which Means If You’re:

          • Not ready to invest in your healing and love journey, this isn't for you.
          • Closed to the possibility of having Love Blocks®, this isn't for you. Recognizing and clearing these barriers is essential for attracting the love you want.
          • Looking for quick fixes or someone else to blame, this isn't for you. True change starts with your commitment to the process.
          • ​Not coachable, this isn’t for you. Our methods work, but only if you’re fully engaged and open to guidance.
          Then you can stop reading now.

          Because if that sounds like you, Boss Diva University isn’t right for you and I’m not going to pretend like it is.

          Now don’t worry, it doesn't make you a bad person, you’re just not MY person.

          And I want a really specific type of person joining Boss Diva University—dedicated women who are ready to invest in themselves and their journey to finding lasting love.

          The work you’ll be pouring into yourself won’t be easy, but it will be transformative.

          And if you can truly implement the guidance and strategies provided by myself and the coaches at Boss Diva University, there’s no room for anything other than profound personal growth and the fulfillment of your love goals.

          Now, let’s just assume you’re still on the fence and aren’t sure Boss Diva University is right for you at the moment.

          That’s totally okay.

          The Boss Diva University Isn’t a Perfect Fit for Everyone

          Especially those who aren’t interested in putting in the work and taking 
          the time to grow

          But if you’re interested in:
          • Putting in the effort to heal
          • Playing the long game to find true love
          • Investing in yourself and joining a community that will support your growth
          Then let me ask you this... What’s the cost of being in the same position a year from now?
          Maybe, it’s the heartache of still not finding the love of your life.

          Or the pain of not having the family and children you’ve always dreamed of.

          It’s the frustration of knowing you deserve a high-value man who truly values you, yet that dream remains just out of reach.

          It’s the Pain of Knowing That You Have the 
          Power to Do Something About It, But Don’t...

          So get up, and DO SOMETHING about it.

          If you’re still asking yourself how much it “costs” to be part of Boss Diva 
          University, let me help you out:

          It’s definitely not going to cost you the priceless joy of finding the love of your life.

          It isn’t the equivalent of missing out on having the family and children you’ve always dreamed of.

          And the high-value man who values and cherishes you? What would that be worth?

          Even if the cost was high, would you make that leap knowing that your life could transform in ways you’ve always hoped for, bringing love, happiness, and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams?

          Is that even a risk anymore, or just an opportunity waiting to happen, like it was for all these determined women who transformed their love lives?

          Diva University Has Been Such A Blessing. I Finally Love Myself And Feel And Know That I’m Beautiful Inside And Out. I Love The Meditations Which Help Me Stay Calm Peaceful And Most Importantly Staying In My Feminine Energy. I Know Because Of This Program My Soulmate Is Close. Can’t Wait To Invite To My Wedding In 2 Years 

          Ashlee Glover, Diva University Student
          This Experience Has Been Life Changing Not Only For Me But Also My Emerging Adult Children. I Can Not Thank Shay Enough! I Have Healed Not Only Me But Also Future Generations. I Genuinely Love Myself And Know I Am The Prize. I Have Found An Inner Calm And Clarity In My Personal, Business And Spiritual Aspects Of My Life. 

          - Kimberly Johnson, Boss Diva University Student
          I’ve Been Reflecting On The Changes I’ve Grown Through Over These Past Months. I’ve Healed From Things I Didn’t Think I Would Ever Heal From And Learned To Connect With My Divine Feminine Energy.  Next Step, Getting On The Dating Apps 

          - Carolina Cervantes- Romero, Diva University Student
          Boss Diva University Literally Changed My Life. Working With Shay Has Seriously Changed Everything In My Life From The Way I See Myself, Which For Me, It's The Most Important Part Of This Work. I Know My Worth. I Know My Value. I Know The Queen I Am, I Know I Am The Price And To Everything. 

          - Ariadna Gutierez, Boss Diva University Student
          Shay Is Such A Phenomenal Woman! Joining DIVA University Has Been One Of The Best Decisions Of My Life. Before Joining, I Didn’t Believe Anyone Could Ever Be Healed From Rape, But Here I Am Being Healed From Every Trauma I’ve Ever Endured.

          - Andrea Kitten Perry, Diva University Student
          Hi Divas! I Am Just Reflecting On My Life Since Last Year. Healing And Still Working On Me. Shay Levister Has Also Brought Attention To My Improvement.I Appreciate The Person I Have Become All That I Have Been Through. I Love The New Me No Turning Back.

          - Candace Ferguson, Diva University Student
          If you’re ready to see what this no-brainer investment looks like, here's what I'd like you to do:

          On That Call, A Love Specialist Will Work With You To...

          Build a Custom Tailored Roadmap To Get clear on what you truly want and what it will take to get there

          First things first, this is not a sales pitch.

          Your Certified Love Specialist will discuss the Love Blocks® that have kept you from finding the life and love of your dreams, and the benefits of working with Shay Better Coaching to address them.

          There's never any pressure to join. In fact, you might not even be offered a spot to work with us.


          • ONE: To get to know you, identify and discuss your Love Blocks®, and see if and how we can help you.
          • TWO: Create a personalized roadmap for you to reach those love and relationship goals, whether that involves us or not.
          If it seems like we can help you and you’re in a place where you can invest in your personal growth, only then will you and my Love Specialist start talking about Boss Diva University.

          If not? No worries.

          You can walk away with your custom-tailored plan and start implementing it in your life as soon as you get off the phone.

          Does that sound fair enough, Diva? 

          BUT! If...

          Boss Diva University

          Is Something You’re Really 
          Excited About...

          I need to know that you’re 100% committed.

          That you’re willing to invest the time and effort into yourself and your journey to love.

          That you’re ready to grow into a confident, empowered woman who can
          make a significant impact on her relationships and life.

          If that IS you, take 5 minutes to fill out the application and book your call  with 
          one of my Love Specialists today.

          Here's A Quick Recap of What You’ll Get...

          When You Join Boss Diva University


          • Our exclusive Love Mastermind where you'll get direct love coaching based on your unique journey and relationship goals.
          • DIVA LOVE FORMULA Vault™ with trainings and educational resources created to help you grow emotionally, attract high-value partners, build genuine connections, manage your self-care, and more.
          • Personal Coach and Accountability Manager


          • Quarterly 1-on-1 90-Minute Game Plan Sessions: Personalized sessions mapping out your individualized action plan based on your unique journey and relationship goals
          • Dedicated Support: Ongoing support to help you overcome obstacles and stay on track with your journey to love.
          • The Love Mastery Retreat where you can connect with Shay, our coaches, and other members who will help you work on personal growth, self-care, and relationship building.


          • Private Facebook and Telegram Group: Join other successful, high-achieving women who help each other by sharing experiences, wins, resources, and providing immediate support.
          • Acceptance into an Exclusive Community: Be part of a close-knit group of women committed to supporting each other in their journey to finding true love and personal fulfillment.
          • True Accountability: From our coaches pushing you to implement proven strategies to fellow members who are on the same journey, providing support and encouragement every step of the way.

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